I fell down a flight of stairs today.
It didn’t hurt, It didn’t sting.
I had been anesthetized.
You know where you have those moments when you have to just sit down and stop doing everything?
This was one of those moments.
I couldn’t call for help although I was bruised.
I sat on the steps.
Caressed my heart.Dried my tears.Stoically, listened to the noise from across the street.


Time had passed and not noticing it had been an hour.
Felt like a second.
Dad was going out for a smoke, and asked
“Oh, you were here. What were you doing ?”
I looked at him for a long while.
He just went on about his smoke.
I finally spoke up.

I fell but I just got up.

He gave me a confused look.
He understood.

Yeah, he understood.


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