Walking wounded.




There are women around the world that are walking wounded.Women in our everyday lives. We see them riding on the buses, working, on the street, driving around in lavish cars, debating in colleges.They ALL have a story. An inner self. An inner self veiled with grief, sorrow , despair , solitude. We go through phases of life taking a leap into the unknown just waiting for a Utopian wind to uplift us. If that’s even a word. They’ve been always telling us , we’re the weaker sex. Always underestimating us. It’s time we speak up. We tell them our stories , we tell them the emotional hurt we go through everyday. The only way to get them to stop talking is to share our struggles, our fears , our abilities. Women come from all walks of life , its up to you to peer into their souls. We are ; orphaned, divorced, assaulted, raped, emotionally hurt, mentally unstable. BUT , we are only humans. We make mistakes, we fall, we get right up and we learn to move on.  I have seen and felt a lot of women hurt these days.I wanted to do something about it. These are my 189 words of randomness & positivity to the all the women out there DOING IT UP.



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