A few grammar tips

Coffee and Bookaholics

So sad that so many authors don’t pay attention to correct grammar. Hoping that some will make use of them, here are a few tips for future use.



Every affix performs a specific duty. If two affixes of the same basic function are applied to a single root, the effect of both is rendered obsolete. Thus, PREFIX ‘ir’ and SUFFIX ‘less’ (both expressing negation), added to ROOT ‘regard’, equals ‘not without regard’… in short, ‘regardful’!


A gerund is formed when we add ‘ing’ to a verb and use it as a noun. In the sentence Dancing is fun, the word ‘dancing’ functions as SUBJECT, while in I like dancing, it takes the role of DIRECT OBJECT. When modifying a gerund, be sure to use the POSSESSIVE case (Horton’s dancing caused

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