God is Alive!

The Soaring Eagle

“My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.”

(Psalm 42:2)


One of my favourite chorus’ is the one in which each verse ends with the glorious acclamation “God is alive!” He is alive to me and in my life, and it is wonderful to be able to acknowledge it.

 Our God is not a product of human hands made out of wood, stone, gold or some other substance, residing impassively wherever those hands have placed it. Our God is alive and active – in fact He is the one who has made the wood, stone, gold and ‘other substance.’ These other lifeless forms, and anything else that we can dream up, can only satisfy us for a short time, but they cannot meet the real thirst or ache within us. And, when they are proved to be unsatisfactory, we feel even more desolate than we did beforehand. There…

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