A Writer’s Acrostics

Catherine Castle

I love poetry and poetic forms. The acrostic is one of my favorite forms. While perusing my blog idea files I came across this acrostic poem I’d written entitled Procrastination, so I decided to do a couple more poems related to writing. Hope you enjoy them

© Catherine Castle
Putting a rear in the chair
Requires determination.
Obstinate excuses just
Cause you to vacillate and
Ruminate on proposed
Actions. Take a firm, clear
Stand on your dreams and
Tackle those jobs that
Intimidate you. Allow
No nay saying. You must
Act on your dreams. Don’t
Take the easy way out.
If you do, you’ll never
Overtake your potential, and
No one will know your name.

It’s not a computer, but I loved the picture of this old typewriter so much I…

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