Dark & twisty.

I look at her in the mirror.

Her hair, as dry & crumpled up as freshly wilted autumn leaves.Dark black.

Her eyes , as tired as can be without a good midnight sleep.Dark.

Dark brown pupils, yearning to be taken away, searching.

So rich in her Dark-colors,

The Dark mind wanders

As I look below , I see pulpy lips.With a tint of pink and red.

Dark-er than a cherry blossom but lighter than a rose.

Fair  skinned , and the darkness to compliment her with the little shade of light.

the world admires her beauty , while she is a bit unsure.

Wanting her hair to be soft as velvet ,

Wanting everyone to realize the torment in her eyes , screaming.

Wanting to open those colors of her lips to paint a colorful image –

Wanting her words to be heard

This innocence , isn’t what it seems . she thinks ,

Why is it , that this face hides the darkness within when it is simply shown and yet-

not seen.

A storm is approaching ,

But as lightening strikes , in the dark- twisted  sky

Her smile , strikes.


her dark-twisty




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