The thing about love.

Today we wake up, not knowing what today holds for us . A specific person is on our mind . whether they are right next to us or whether they are someplace far away. Whether it is family or whether it is someone we adore.I woke up today with a thought . ‘this world is losing love’ . I somehow started my day off with a dissapointment. I thought , today two people are breaking up. Two people are getting divorced . One person is losing their family.The love is being lost, taken away , snatched away. It surprised me then  , that bit by bit someone is losing love out there over little arguments , over properties , over financial injustice but most importantly we’re losing love by the way we act towards them.Our humanity is lost. If we could understand that love cannot be ended over little things.We cannot seperate two people in love.We cannot create hate between two families that dont get along. BUT we do . We certainly do. From our behavior towards others we wouldnt know the person you are talking bad about is the person who has gone through so much . more than you , more than I . There is an immense amount of sorrow in this world.Immense amout of hurt and pain . We sometimes get use to it but little did we know just a little smile from the bottom of our hearts can cheer the person next to us.If only we could feel the pain the next person is feeling . BUT you can . yes we can. The hurt we go through , the pain . Why should we let it out on others ? why is it that little arguments can end a lifetime , a marriage? why is it that these teenagers , like me cannot understand what the other person is going through? Why shall we let our pain cause the other person harm.From then and only then we develop hatred.We develop something so easy to do , something so vile . its sickening.Hatred that spreads rapidly , only being stopped from love. The strange warmth you get in your heart when you do something so special for someone you adore. so why dont we take the chance today and do something to please a stranger . From the little things we make the B I G difference. from a smile to ending an argument.From a letter we can get through to those people in power to stop the killings of innocent lives being lost . Without this “love” we call .. this warmth in our hearts towards one . is amazing. words which i cannot express to describe.BUT with this love we can make someone’s day today.Make them feel a little stronger , a little safer , a little lovelier about themselves.It all starts with a thought , and the idea to implement next time your having a crummy day , think of those billions out there who need just a hug . a smile , a kiss . anything to make them feel loved.In the end you’ll see- oh wait! you’ll FEEL the warmth , in that organ we call a heart.

The thing about love, so strong and yet so very gentle, delicate, & immensely precious.


3 thoughts on “The thing about love.

  1. hmmmm, interesting post! The thing about love, is it is never lost. I like to think of it like the law of conservation of matter– love is never lost, just repurposed, recycled, released into the world for someone else to claim it. Or absorbed back into ourselves to save and use another day, maybe with another person. Interesting thoughts, thank you!

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